Billow and Ripple, the counterparts of Crypto Area that everybody knows. Their strength is incredible, it can control the whole financial world.

These counterparts is backed up by the banks’ owners from more than 100 banks in Crypto Area. Their financial power is strongest in the area. Billow and Ripple are the ones who always get envy the richness of the young man Bitcoin. The reunion of Bitcoin and his father Satoshi Nakamoto will make their financial power position be threaten. Therefore, when hearing the news that Bitcoin starts his journey to find father, they move to Crypto Lord side themselves. They are trying their best to stop and kill Bitcoin.

Crypto Wars game

About Crypto Lord, owning this counterparts is one of the luckiest things on his powerful conquering journey. With his finance, Crypto really needs a good relationship with banks. Those relationships will enhance his power in the area. And these counterparts Billow-Ripple is exactly what he is finding.

So what Bitcoin has to do to safely pass this challenge? It totally depends on you! Download game here and defeat the counterparts of the financial world!