Satoshi Nakamoto – father of BITCOIN – a name has become the biggest question for those who are keen on cryptocurrency. Who is exactly he? Why has he hid after all this time? And many more question that become the mystery of the human. A new action game is publishing this time base on that curiousness of human. Crypto Wars game is a story of young rich man but brave BITCOIN who has the biggest dream of knowing who his father, Satoshi Nakamoto, is.

Let’s see how you can help him find his father.

Crypto Wars Screenshot

Game machenics

The Crypto Wars mechanics will make you interested at the first sight since it is really special. The body parts of BITCOIN (main player) are separated so that they can be used as weapons. Furthermore, when being attacked, Bitcoin body parts disappear one by one, from hands, legs to head. One part loses, one new combo attack comes. Until you have nothing to lose, you will die.

Crypto Wars Screenshot

Combo attacks

There are 11 combos attack that BITCOIN can be upgraded. You can use coins earned during the game or by credit card through the shopping store. Each combo attack is a combination of hands, legs, head and belly. With those combos, you can defeat not only enemies on the ground but also flying enemies and the giants as well.

Crypto Wars Screenshot


During the journey, you have to defeat infamous bosses from Crypto Lord, those who were had by Crypto Lord kill BITCOIN. The most special things of these bosses is that they are named by the cryptocurrency that you see them on the virtual financial market every day. Ethereum, Ripple, Stellar, Doge, and so on. But they now are in a lively shape, talk and act like human.

Crypto Wars Screenshot

And collect the powerful balls

The most important mission of Crypto Wars game is that BITCOIN has to collect enough 7 balls and bring them to the Restricted Area to open the picture of Satoshi Nakamoto. Until you open the picture, you win. Until you open the picture, BITCOIN finishes his journey. Where are the balls? They are hid in the Secret Area where the bosses guard carefully. How can you find the Secret Area? You must explore all the corner during your journey. However! Be careful! Because it might be a trap of Crypto Lord to kill BITCOIN faster. If you are lucky enough, you will get the balls.

Crypto Wars Screenshot

The Crypto Wars is now available on Google Play and App Store!

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Good luck for your journey!