Ethereum is a famous women in Crypto area. She is the only and strongest infamous women warrior that is recognized by Crypto Lord.

In a business of Crypto Lord with a businessman, he discovered a new method of making agreement, it was fast, accurate and convenient. It neither depends on the system nor the contract, it is a unique skill of the businessman’s daughter. That is the Smart Contract skill, the skill of power. She is Ethereum.

Ethereum - The only women recognized by Crypto Lord - Crypto wars

Since Crypto Lord had Ethereum, his business has been developed considerably. He has not needed any third party to help him solve any problems in his business. He has earned a lot due to the fastest processing with Ethereum support. Crypto Lord is richer and richer. Thus his power increases too.

Because of the trust Crypto Lord has on Ethereum, she is the first boss that Bitcoin has to confront in his journey. She is armed with guns and laser to take turn to shoot and make a super damage to player. Could Bitcoin defeat Ethereum and continue his journey? It depends on you, our valuable players! Let’s help Bitcoin win his journey!

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