BTC is a standard character of Crypto War. However, BTC skill and serious combo attacks will suprise you in the first attacks. Players just needs to download game and enjoys the journey to find diamonds.

Combo 1: Normal punch

To make this combo attack availble, BTC must has enough head, hands and legs. Then continuously punch by right hand, headbult and kick to enemies’ head.

Normal punch has 3 level upgrade. Stronger and higher damage attacks will be done in the higher level upgrade. They contains rush hard and kick or kick by both legs to enemies’ heads.

Crypto Wars combo attacks

Combo 2: Devil leg

BTC must have head and legs to active this combo attack. BTC kicks by right leg, headbult and then rush fast forward through enemies. It makes enemies lose a lot of blood.

There are two level upgrade of Devil leg. After upgrading, BTC still carry out the main attack of this combo but in a higher damage. It helps BTC kill enemies faster.

Crypto Wars combo attacks

Combo 3: Serious kick

This combo attack is taken place even when BTC lost body parts but legs. BTC carries out Serious kick by kicking right leg, left leg then rushing fast forward through enemies/

When upgrading, BTC is able to kick harder and stronger such as hook kich, and rush forward through enemies.

Crypto Wars combo attacks


Combo 4: Fire punch

This combo attack is only available when BTC still has enough head, hands and legs. For this combo attack, BTC rushes fast and punch directly to enemies.

Fire punch has no upgrade level.

Crypto Wars combo attacks

Combo 5: Demon headbult

This combo attack has no upgrade. When active Demon headbult, BTC must have head, compresses power then head separates from body and rushes forward.

Crypto Wars combo attacks