Satoshi Nakamoto, the name has become the biggest question over the world since Bitcoin was made and launched to the financial market. It opened a new age of virtual financial. However, no one knows who exactly Satoshi Nakamoto is. Not only us, Bitcoin, the son of Satoshi Nakamoto does not know too. He is the richest man in Crypto Area. He has everything people desire to have, a perfect life as they think. But they have never known that he still lack of something. Something that everyone has when they were kids until the last seconds of life. A father!

Crypto Wars - Satoshi Nakamoto

He has never seen his father’s face. All he knew about the one made him become a Bitcoin as today is a name, Satoshi Nakamoto. He has dreamt so many times that he was standing on top of a big high mountain. And he saw an old man on a top of another mountain in front of him. The man waves at him, but the sun behind him does not let Bitcoin see the face clearly. Whenever he starts running over there, the old man always disappears. The dream has repeated several times. It makes him cannot give up the wish of finding who his father is, why he tried to hide from the world and why he did not let Bitcoin know him.

Crypto Wars game will lead you to the world of Bitcoin, the famous name not only in Crypto Area but also in the financial world. The story of finding who Satoshi Nakamoto is, and the stories of the combats between Bitcoin and the other infamous warriors of Crypto Lord in order to stop Bitcoin from reuniting with his father. Download now to discover the most interesting and dangerous challenge of Crypto Wars!